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Wind Chimes 1Wind Chimes 2

Wind chimes are handcrafted in two different styles, as shown. Each hangs from a curled fork. Four pieces (two of which are knives) of silver hang from the fork of Style 1. Style 2 uses one long pieces of silver hanging in the middle with four "bits" encircling it. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Door Chimes

Door Chimes are small chimes mounted on stained pine or oak plaques. Any combination of parts of silverware hangs from an inverted spoon. They can be mounted on or bedside a door and are suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use.

Candle Sconces

Candle Sconces are mounted on stained pine or oak plaques. The spoon bowls are used to hold a small beeswax candle which is included.

Mounted Hook

These large Hooks are mounted on stained pine and oak plaques. They hang on the wall with a "key hole" and mounted properly could hold something as heavy as a bathrobe or as decorative as a tea towel.

Paired Wall Hooks

Paired Wall Hooks are available in two different styles. One style can be used to hold coffee mugs, tea towels or as curtain tie-backs and cabinet handles. The second style is intended to hold curtain or quilt rods but can also be used to hold coffee mugs and... Each set is packaged with screws.

Bud Vases

The Bud Vases use hollow knife handles as the vessel and a curved and flattened fork or spoon as the base/holder. They are ideal for either fresh or artificial flowers.

Card Holders

Card Holders are made from bent teaspoons and tablespoons. They can be used to hold any number of items: photos, postcards, recipe cards, business cards, place cards, etc.

Bandy Boxes, Bandy-Legged Boxes



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